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The Corn Farming Project will required preparation and cultivation of 900 hectares of Land initially. Corn can be harvested within the growing cycles ranging from 3 to 4 months (3x3 Cycle/ Year), with the harvesting yield ranging between 5 -10 tons per hectare. The early season for harvesting is between March and April which is based on steady rainfall, while the late season harvesting can be conducted in August.

The Corn Farming Project estimated cost from $976,000, and will utilize Agricultural Equipment and Machinery and employ over 600 to product 9,000 tons of Corn per year.

Medium Scale Corn Farming Project capable of employing 7,500 workers to produce over 150,000 tons of Corn per year is estimated to cost from $10.5million, covering cost of Land, Farming Machinery and Equipment, Fertilizer, Project Infrastructure and 3 months Start-up Operating Expenses

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