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The Indoor Fish Farming Project will have Rearing Tanks to hold 20,000 Tilapia & Catfish per Circle and capable of Hatching, Rearing and Processing over 150,000 Tilapia & Catfish per year into Wholes and Fillets Fish Products, packed in Vacuum Sealed Pre-printed Pack Units for Distribution to local and Restaurants.

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Fish, Shrimp & Crawfish Trawling Project

The Fish, Shrimp & Crawfish Trawling Project will be operated as Commercial Fishing Enterprise that will utilize fully refurbished Pre-Owned Fish, Shrimp/Crawfish Trawler to fish in the rich related Country’s Deep Sea Fishing Grounds.

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Fish, Crawfish & Shrimp Processing Facility

The Main Processing Facility will consist of Pre-Engineered Project Building that will accommodate the Processing and Packaging Equipment, as well as Storage of the packaged Seafood Products. Other Equipment and Accessories to include Cold Storage & Refrigeration System, Fish, Crawfish & Shrimp Processing and Packaging Systems, 1MW Standby Power Plants, Industrial Ice Production Equipment, 3 x 5-Ton Refrigerated...

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