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Poultry Farming Project

The Poultry Farming Project could be established on a 3 Hectares of Land each with 2 Housing Units of 10,000 sq. ft, to raise and maintain 40,000 Birds in 21 Day / Month until they are transferred to Poultry Processing Plant. The Plant will have its own Feed Mill on the Farm to feed the Birds, with Farming Equipment including Chick trays , Bell drinkers,Tube Feeders, 3l and 4l fonts , Pan feeders , Nest boxes, Nipple drinkers...

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Poultry Processing Plant

The Poultry Processing Plant will be capable of processing 6,000 4-5lbs Birds per day from established Poultry Farming Housing into finished Pre-Packaged Chicken Products. The Project will have a minimum annual production capacity of 405,000 Tons of Bird Per Year and requires 2 Hectares of Land to establish the Plant.

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